Marie Privat, Osteopath

I graduated from the Institut Toulousain d’Osteopathie (l’ITO) in 2012 after 6 years full time training.

As I started working in Toulouse I continued exploring different topics of osteopathy through various osteopathic courses such as pediatric, pregnancy and cranial etc…

I continued doing so while living in Montreal, Canada, where I worked in a practice with both French and English speaking patients. There I learned multidisciplinary patient care and started developing an interest in nutrition and its crucial impact on health.

It quickly became evident that I would need to further my training in order to include it to my consultations, which is why, once I came back to France, I did a Masters degree in micronutrition.

This now allows me to offer osteopathic consultations that include a thorough assessment of the patient’s metabolism and personalised recommendations on nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle.

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Address: 121 Route de Grenade, 31700 Blagnac