Kai Schaper, Sounder Sleep System™, Feldenkrais Method™

Schaper_WEBPublic: Adults, adolescents, elderly people, people with movement difficulties; muscular-skeletal disorders; stress-related sleep disorders, insomnia.

Originally from Germany, I studied music in Bremen. I did a professional Feldenkrais training in Strasbourg (1996 – 2000), and teacher training in the Sounder Sleep System in Munich (2007). While I stay passionate about musicians and their self-use while playing, and am myself a passionate sleeper, I am not limited to working with these groups of people. Anybody wanting to learn to move more efficiently, or sleep better, is welcome.

Feldenkrais: Both the group classes and the individual lessons propose a wide variety of gentle movements to enhance your capability to move with less effort and without pain. Sounder Sleep: These group exercises help you find ways to fall asleep more easily at bed time and after waking up at night, and you will find the quality of your sleep get better.

Degree: Music degree

University or school training: Conservatory of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen

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